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First of all, who is the Queen? Nowadays it's hard to tell. The Queen is usually thought to be the wife or consort of a king, but could also be the mother of a sovereign. In certain cultures she might also represent a goddess. Regardless, when we talk about Queens in this blog post, we are talking about the members of one particular dynasty - The House Windsor. In this article I will look at how women have been able to exert power and retain power in this system that has traditionally been thought to be dominated by men - both their right and their limitations with regards to exercising that power. In the early days of the monarchy, Elizabeth I used her female position to create a more flexible court that was able to evolve and keep up with a changing world. During the 1630s and 1640s, however, many of her successors were not as fortunate. Being a woman in a man's world meant that succession followed strict rules that even the mightiest Queen could not escape from. This came to a climax when Anne Hyde returned from exile with her husband James, Duke of York. They were shut out of the succession, and in 1689 William of Orange was called in to replace the Catholic James II. The following years saw a gradual climb in power for women in England. This period also saw a rise in the importance of the party system, which allowed women to play a bigger role when it came to their husbands' political careers. It wasn't until 1830 that this system was finally overthrown when Parliament passed the Reformed Parliament Act that no longer required general elections every seven years. This meant that MPs could remain in office for as long as they wanted, and many more women were able to get involved because their husbands didn't have to withdraw from politics when they married. This period, which came to be known as the Victorian era, was the golden age of royalty. The royal family played an important role in society, and women were able to participate in every level of public life - from politics to education. Queen Victoria had her last child when she was 52 years old, and she passed on her position to her eldest daughter who then became Empress of India. This period also saw the rise of the man in the home. Women were still expected to juggle many roles but they generally didn't have to work outside of their homes much anymore - although they still did make choices about which jobs they would hold in their private sphere. The big change for the royals came during the First World War. The death of the heir to the throne plunged Europe into mourning, and many questioned whether royalty was still a relevant part of society. Queen Mary attempted to revive popularity by creating a display of solidarity between the different branches of the family, but her efforts resulted in a scandal that left her husband’s reputation in tatters. Queen Victoria was also facing controversy at home. To make matters worse, she turned from this domestic drama towards Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II who she had always been very close with.


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